Wednesday, March 26, 2008

To Build a Home

I'm itching to move out of home. Positively itching. If anyone knows anyone who has a spare room that needs filling, or, by chance, has a spare 3 bedroom house they want to lease to me, please let me know...

Here's a list of songs that i love that have house related qualities (i.e, they are soft, warm, lovely, and their names have 'house' or 'home' as part of them).
The Cinematic Orchestra ft. the wonderful Patrick Watson-
The National-
Animal Collective-
Leaf House
Paul Simon-
PS- I'm having a real problem formatting this blog (spaces between things). If anyone could help with this i'd be very grateful.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hey Jamie,
Looking for a home, not just a sharehouse with disgusting people and bathrooms that are ... dangerous?
Looking for a wee little house in a seaside town with a little garden?
Looking for a house where soup seems to cook itself in winter?
Looking for a house that values cushions and blankies?
look no further, my friend...
of course, you would have to move to perth, australia...
michelacleary at hotmail