Monday, March 24, 2008

Poo-Poo Finds A Dragon

Just wanted to share with you all a wonderful book my friend Katy lent to me yesterday, it's call The Golden Treasury of Children's Literature and it has the most amazing illustrations.
One of my favourites is this one of a dragon from the story Poo-Poo Finds A Dragon (amazing illustrations, but slightly unnerving story names).
I also love this image from Blue-Beard. A story I remember from my childhood which has always made me wary of men with beards, blue or otherwise.
What I particularly like about this picture is how decorative it is and how it looks as though it could be a collage of different wrapping or origami papers. Or Easter egg wrappers, did anyone else see that episode of Collectors on the ABC the other night?
Here is another picture from the book that I love, for no particular reason other than how pretty it is.

Hope everyone is having an awesome Easter break and is (like me), finding creative ways to procrastinate.

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Julia said...

hah. yes. indespensible advice about the beards.

you also reminded me of easter egg wrappers, and the eggs contained within, and how i got none from the easter bunny, and am sad.