Thursday, March 20, 2008

Animals on pills.

Some songs i'm enjoying by bands who have animal related names (and some slightly related pictures).

Dear God this song by Ponytail rocks on so many levels it's a little ridiculous.
(Also, is it just me or does this pony's tail look somewhat phallic? No?).


This song is by the band Deer Tick. I tried to find a picture of a deer wearing 'old shoes', but all i found was a whole heap of imbeciles who when lamenting on the money they spent on their new shoes don't know the difference between oh dear and oh deer...

"but just like she'd tell me
things get better
just wait and you'll see,
take one day at a time
everything else you can leave behind
only one thing at a time
anything more really hurts your mind"

Panda Bear rocks.

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