Tuesday, March 25, 2008

A glimpse of my monumentally awful day.

Dearest friends, random readers and hopefully one or two infatuated future love interests,

I have had a shit day. No really, it’s been spectacularly shit. Not since some time in year 11 when I was quoting Nick Cave lyrics daily, has a day been as bad as the one I’ve had today.

I spent the morning in a state of self reflective anguish (in my opinion, the worst kind), then upon arriving to work I managed to set off an alarm that continued to make horrible noises for EIGHT HOURS STRAIGHT. Soon after this monumental 'fuck-up', I had a heated argument with the kids as to why we weren’t allowed to go paddle boating in the rain, and then managed to lose one of the darlings out on our compromised swimming trip (none of us are sure whether she managed to shootup or not). On the way home from the catastrophic swimming trip I stalled our massive manual bus in the middle of a hugely busy intersection. Soon after this I received almost every conceivable insult and was called just about every name under the sun for not letting the darlings smoke at dinner. Then to top my shift off I was told by a fellow worker that I looked too innocent and that I was going to have to work harder than other workers to get any respect from the kids. Ouch, I have respect-a-plenty, bitch.

As I’m sure many of you have asked yourselves before, why the fuck do I work there? Well my darlings, this note is partly why…

(Dear Jamie Babii,


Hey Babe, whats doing? I am just writing to you because you don't seem like your same chirpy happy self that we all love. So i thought i would write to you to give you a warning to all people who piss you off, cause your a great worker and i hope you feel happier soon.

Much <3,

Chrissy Boi.

Holly and Bonniie,

Just letting you know that we both care about you alot and we love to see you happy. Your smile is gorguss so don't ever stop smiling cause you never know who's falling in love with it. Cheer up.

xoxo Much luv,

Holly n Bonniie. )

Cute or what? I've got a posse of gangsta's at Noffs, so yous betta look out! Truth!

Thank God today is over.

Patrick Watson-
The Great Escape



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Vanessa said...

hah! i just saw your xoxo. i miss gossip girl!