Monday, March 14, 2011

Mad Crush Monday: Polly Jean Harvey

I'm confused about a great deal of things at the moment. A great deal of things. But one thing I am sure about is my love for Polly Jean Harvey. Hot damn, the lady is an uber babe.

Fuck me Polly Jean, you're a babe

Her new album Let England Shake is stunning. Lucky for me it's one of those albums that has found me at a perfect time in my life. It fits in well with late nights, moments of nostalgia and the slip from summer into the cooler weather months.

So, for being so damned attractive, talented, and for being one of the few things I can be completely sure about in my life, Polly Jean, you are my Mad Crush Monday.

At the moment these are my three favourites;

MP3 The Glorious Land
MP3 The Words That Maketh Murder
MP3 On Battleship Hill

On a similar note, happy Canberra Day Canberrians. I think we live in a beautiful city, amongst wonderful, creative people. Julia Millionaire, I'm glad we had you home this weekend. So very glad. Xx

Monday, March 7, 2011

Whip it!

Jaimie, this is a gift for you and everyone else to enjoy the genius of.

Hehehehehe. How good was that?

Friday, March 4, 2011

You Are Here

Remember this?

Sorry, I'm going to bombard you again. In case you were wondering what You Are Here is all about, here is the big reveal...

You Are Here is a brand new festival which will be hitting the streets and vacant shopfronts of the Canberra "CBD" next week! I am so excited, as I have been lucky enough to be helping out with this assault to Canberra's senses. My ooh la la title is Festival Coordinator, sounds important right? Sooooo important.

There will be a delectable catalogue/program booklet, of which I've made some contributions but it won't be out until next week. In the meantime though check out the You Are Here blog for updates about the smorgasbord of performance, music and visual arts events you can expect to see.

My highlights, for those of you who can't be bothered to investigate further:

Carpark Festival
- a one-day free festival of music and art taking place in and around the Melbourne Building.

Here and There Sweatshop
- here and there will taking over one of Civic’s vacant shopfront spaces and transforming it into a sweatshop. That’s right, clocking in at 9am and sweating away until 5pm these emerging artists will be creating artworks while you watch.

Poppy Malik

BYO Exhibition - relatively self explanatory...

New Young Canberra Showcase
- a gig by local genre busters Kasha, Spartak, Reuben Ingall and Orbits, curated by Shoeb Ahmad. Free download of the New Weird Australia: The Sound of Young Canberra Complilation here.

Belco Pride - photography exhibition of Lee Grant's Belco Pride series

Lee Grant

I've totally left out stuff that I'm dying to see, but it got too hard to choose! Make sure You Are Here (heh, see what I did there?) from the 10th - 20th March to see the best Canberra has to offer.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A birthday

It's my birthday on Saturday. I turn 24. Something about that number terrifies me in a way that no other age has. It just seems so mid 20s. To make myself feel better in the face of certain adulthood, and to compensate for the fact that I'll be spending my first birthday ever far away from my very best friends and family, I've decided to buy myself a little present. Melbourne's got me feeling very wanty, so my short list is rather long.

Thunder in our hearts tote by fieldguided

Makr Farm Rucksack

Gorman Boots

Mud Salad Bowl

Prints of Ireland by MaroSuarez

A beautiful edition of two of my favourite books.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Mad crush monday: men in well fitted suits

Dear men of the world,

If you want to impress a love interest, an enemy, a frenemy, the other side of a blossoming bromance, or you simply feel like looking dashing, my advice to you is to wear a well fitted suit. Why? Because men in suits are fucking hot.

I’ve recently started working in the office of a very high profile NGO. While it’s a little boring compared to the work I was doing, I get to dress up each day pretending I'm some type of gargantuan glamazon, and perv on cute boys donning suits. My penchant for men in suits has led me to having a mad crush on most men in the Canberra CBD.

Mm, humm you are destined for greatness young man.

However, I should clarify. Not all suits are created equal. How well a suit fits corresponds to my degree of man-crush. Ill fitting suits can make men look clumsy and portray the image of holding positions of little to no consequence in an organisation. As a woman (albeit a fiercely independent one) my bio-evolutionary trait to secure a man able to provide and protect remains strong. Men in well fitted suits provide the psychological sign that they could be in a position of power, or at least have aspirations for such. Ergo, this explains an evolutionary psychology perspective of why men in well fitted suits are attractive, and why you as a male should probably wear one.

Please, let me provide you with some evidence for my case.

Nice suit: cue to beliefs of a strong, powerful man.

He's going places (probably to kill and protect) and would provide excellent genetic material for our future super child.

Who is this handsome stranger who has never appeared on our blog before?
His suit is like a handsome power force-field.

OMG that force-field has some type of magnetic pulling power!
I can't stop looking up images of Charles Bartholomew!!

"Why yes it does Jaimie. I'm irresistible to you because my well fitting suits indicate that I have power, money, intelligence and possibly my own masseuse."

"I'm going to lean up against this wall and look pensive to demonstrate my point further."

Well that post went down hill quickly. You win this round Ed Westwick.