Monday, March 14, 2011

Mad Crush Monday: Polly Jean Harvey

I'm confused about a great deal of things at the moment. A great deal of things. But one thing I am sure about is my love for Polly Jean Harvey. Hot damn, the lady is an uber babe.

Fuck me Polly Jean, you're a babe

Her new album Let England Shake is stunning. Lucky for me it's one of those albums that has found me at a perfect time in my life. It fits in well with late nights, moments of nostalgia and the slip from summer into the cooler weather months.

So, for being so damned attractive, talented, and for being one of the few things I can be completely sure about in my life, Polly Jean, you are my Mad Crush Monday.

At the moment these are my three favourites;

MP3 The Glorious Land
MP3 The Words That Maketh Murder
MP3 On Battleship Hill

On a similar note, happy Canberra Day Canberrians. I think we live in a beautiful city, amongst wonderful, creative people. Julia Millionaire, I'm glad we had you home this weekend. So very glad. Xx


Dorota said...

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Julia said...

You are one sweet lady. It was wonderful to be in Canberra on Canberra day, I do miss that place.

In other news, Tom and I listened to 'Let England Shake' while driving along the Great Ocean Road on a very overcast day. It was perfect.

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