Friday, April 1, 2011

Things I love today

Photograph by Victoria Hannan

The beautiful, warm autumn light.

A blend of Russian Caravan and Creme Brulee teas from T2 and the kindly sales lady who recommended it.

Party Down

The Blue Hour

Washing my face with baking soda. So tingly and smooth.

McSweeny's Recommends. A recent re-discovery.

New season nashi pears and apples from the farmers market.

Buying second-hand books online from Abe Books.

Skipping. I can do some sweet cross-overs.

Kate Bush. Today and forever.

Early nights with a good book (even on a Friday).

Chocolate coated sultanas with roasted almonds.

What's floating your boat, filling your cup, or getting your goat today, my dearest ones?

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