Saturday, October 31, 2009

Jaimie and Vanessa: Spotlight on Metal People

A sample group

V: Dude, why is it that metal people are so weird?

J: I know right? They all look so strange. How is their hair even possible? So much hair.

V: They're very neanderthalish aren't they? It's so weird because then when they speak, they sound really sweet.

J: That's true. Sometimes they kind of sound smart too. So strange.

V: Mmm and they're always big, and by big I mean kind of fat.

J: Except for the weird skinny tattooed ones. I think they might have hepatitis A.

V: That's a bit nasty Jaimie, I thought we decided they were nice people. Big burly men with hearts of gold.

J: Oh that's right! We did.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Zines! Zines! Zines!

Buckle up Canberra zine lovers, Little Beats Zine distro is launching! Tomorrow!
Little Beats is the brainchild of two delightful Canberra girls (Katy & Gemma) who love zines and want you to love them too.

At the launch there will be a bunch of zines (about 30!) from overseas and interstate, as well as works by talented local zinesters. Prices range from FREE (totally my favourite price) to approximately $35, but when you are purchasing a handmade masterpiece price hardly matters. There is a huge variety and I think everyone will find something to float their boat.

The very charming and helpful Katy has provided me with a bit of a run down of some of her favourites from the zines available. So now I plagiarise her writing to give you all a bit of a sneaky peek, so to speak. What lucky readers we have!

Wooooo Mag ~
From NY, printed and bound like a novel. Interviews with musicians, artists etc. Really crazy style of writing, incredibly funny.

Lines on Paper ~
Collected images from artists all over Australia and put together in a pretty little A6 bound book. It's the dream thing you could find in your pocket really.

Love is my Velocity Cookbook ~
From the Love is my Velocity collective in Perth, this is the second edition of their cook book. All recipes are from Perth bands and all accompanying artwork is from Perth artists. There's over 40 recipe cards in the book and it's amazing.

Mashanda zines ~
These are from San Francisco and are easily two of my favourites. You, Sir are a Hottie, is teeny tiny and looks at all the babes in an encylopaedia. Guys I would Totally Date is the other from her, and it's all sketched images of some of the funniest but commonly seen men on the streets.

Dilettantes and the Heartless Manipulator ~
Spurzine in Melbourne got a PO box and started getting strangers to send him mix tapes. He writes his "non-reviews" fortnightly and they'll be restocked regularly. He's pretty brilliant actually. TOTALLY FREE.

Elkedearest ~
There are three editions from Elke, Everything's okay I drew this for you, I'll hand it to you and Pictures of people we have not yet learned to look at. She's from Canberra, they're teeny tiny but hold some incredible artwork inside them and are only $1 each.

Little Beats launches tomorrow at Grass Stains 2, at itrip iskip. As well as zines there will be bands, art and fashion and hipster kids. Should be a lot of fun. It all starts at 6pm. Maybe I'll see you there?

Little Beats will also have a permanent selection from now on at itrip iskip and Smith's Alternative Bookstore. You can also find them here.

Poster designed by the very talented George.
All other images from Little Beats.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Love Song No. 7

Photo by Nan Goldin, found via Passion is All

"The human body is vapour materialized by sunshine mixed with the life of the stars."

— Paracelsus

MP3: Tonto - Battles
MP3: This is my Love - Hercules and Love Affair

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I want...

Things I want, but can't have...

An a(r)mor body chain and Queen Michelle's hair. She's so rad.
Why can't I have them? Body chain is too expensive and it's probably some kind of assault to steal a person's hair.

Mmm, Jon Hammmmmm.
Probably also some kind of assault...

Lots of lanterns above my bed.
No real reason why I can't have this. Just laziness and the lack of a great loft apartment.
Image via The Selby.

Green scalloped shorts.
Why would you only stock these in a size small pixie market? WHY???

Monday, October 12, 2009

Colours in Pictures

Art on left by Robjoe

Coral and Pale Blue

On Saturday in an unusually sartorial moment I talked briefly about the bright, contrasting colours I plan to adorne my body with this summer. Then yesterday when I was too exhausted from staying up till 5am the night before tearing aluminium foil of the walls of a certian Canberra bar to do anything much else, I decided to make colour palates for my summer wardrobe using images from FFFFOUND.

Generally, my fashion visions never become anything near reality, but this was a suprisingly fun and inspiring (if time consuming) exercise.

Neon Green and Plum

Orange and Teal

Art on the left by Andrew Neyer via All the Mountains

Yellow and Lilac

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Summer Snail Mail

There are few materialistic joys greater in this world than receiving a much anticipated brown paper package tied up with string in the mail. The other day, I was woken up when the boy dropped one such package on my head. It was like Christmas.

The package contained two tops and a skirt I bought from the very amazing Moicun store. They're all made out of hippie products like soy and bamboo and organic cotton, and feel wonderful. They were also heavily discounted, which feels even more wonderful.

Only the skirt is too small, which feels less than wonderful. But I'm determined to make it work, even if it means spending an exessive amount at a tailor. I'm totally invisioning it with a bright yellow tank top. I'm totally going to get into bright contrasty colours this summer: vivid coral and pale blue, bright orange and teal, neon green and plum.

Wierd to think that Summer is only a month and a half away. This Spring really has been pitiful. I feel as if I've been robbed of my favourite season. ROBBED!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Where I have been...

I have been drinking lemongrass tea, veggie gardening and trying to sew.

I have been buying prints from the very amazing nosideup and decorating the wall above my bed.

Align Center
Dress by Lover

I have been contemplating pretty summer things like maidenhair ferns, white lacy dresses and yellow hair ribbons.

I have been listening to Girls, Atlas Sound and Volcano Choir. Tasty, if predictable.

Atlas Sound
- Sheila
Volcano Choir - Husks and Shells
Girls - Lust for Life

I have been watching Peepshow. Pretty brilliant stuff. I don't think anything has made me laugh so much since Arrested Development.

I have started a new little bloggy*, but haven't stopped being a millionaire!

I have discovered an aching, devout, ridiculous kind of love for Nancy Sinatra. But more on that later.

*It's called Quincey and will be the new home of all my domestic cooking, crafting, gardening and general nesting projects. Come say hi!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Dance Hall

Holy cow, our new house has a dance hall! We have a freakin' DANCE HALL!!!!!


I'm pretty excited about our dance hall.

In our dance hall, I expect only dancing of this quality... (i'll be the seductive mistress in gold, all expressions of interest for the roles of my two male suitors will be considered).

Considering our (horrible, tiring, painful) move, posts may be a little scarce over the next few weeks until we have working internet.