Saturday, October 31, 2009

Jaimie and Vanessa: Spotlight on Metal People

A sample group

V: Dude, why is it that metal people are so weird?

J: I know right? They all look so strange. How is their hair even possible? So much hair.

V: They're very neanderthalish aren't they? It's so weird because then when they speak, they sound really sweet.

J: That's true. Sometimes they kind of sound smart too. So strange.

V: Mmm and they're always big, and by big I mean kind of fat.

J: Except for the weird skinny tattooed ones. I think they might have hepatitis A.

V: That's a bit nasty Jaimie, I thought we decided they were nice people. Big burly men with hearts of gold.

J: Oh that's right! We did.

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Tara said...

A wise an insightful blog entry. I cannot wait for the next Spotlight On!