Thursday, October 29, 2009

Zines! Zines! Zines!

Buckle up Canberra zine lovers, Little Beats Zine distro is launching! Tomorrow!
Little Beats is the brainchild of two delightful Canberra girls (Katy & Gemma) who love zines and want you to love them too.

At the launch there will be a bunch of zines (about 30!) from overseas and interstate, as well as works by talented local zinesters. Prices range from FREE (totally my favourite price) to approximately $35, but when you are purchasing a handmade masterpiece price hardly matters. There is a huge variety and I think everyone will find something to float their boat.

The very charming and helpful Katy has provided me with a bit of a run down of some of her favourites from the zines available. So now I plagiarise her writing to give you all a bit of a sneaky peek, so to speak. What lucky readers we have!

Wooooo Mag ~
From NY, printed and bound like a novel. Interviews with musicians, artists etc. Really crazy style of writing, incredibly funny.

Lines on Paper ~
Collected images from artists all over Australia and put together in a pretty little A6 bound book. It's the dream thing you could find in your pocket really.

Love is my Velocity Cookbook ~
From the Love is my Velocity collective in Perth, this is the second edition of their cook book. All recipes are from Perth bands and all accompanying artwork is from Perth artists. There's over 40 recipe cards in the book and it's amazing.

Mashanda zines ~
These are from San Francisco and are easily two of my favourites. You, Sir are a Hottie, is teeny tiny and looks at all the babes in an encylopaedia. Guys I would Totally Date is the other from her, and it's all sketched images of some of the funniest but commonly seen men on the streets.

Dilettantes and the Heartless Manipulator ~
Spurzine in Melbourne got a PO box and started getting strangers to send him mix tapes. He writes his "non-reviews" fortnightly and they'll be restocked regularly. He's pretty brilliant actually. TOTALLY FREE.

Elkedearest ~
There are three editions from Elke, Everything's okay I drew this for you, I'll hand it to you and Pictures of people we have not yet learned to look at. She's from Canberra, they're teeny tiny but hold some incredible artwork inside them and are only $1 each.

Little Beats launches tomorrow at Grass Stains 2, at itrip iskip. As well as zines there will be bands, art and fashion and hipster kids. Should be a lot of fun. It all starts at 6pm. Maybe I'll see you there?

Little Beats will also have a permanent selection from now on at itrip iskip and Smith's Alternative Bookstore. You can also find them here.

Poster designed by the very talented George.
All other images from Little Beats.

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Thanks for the mention girls, I'm totally flattered :)