Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Where I have been...

I have been drinking lemongrass tea, veggie gardening and trying to sew.

I have been buying prints from the very amazing nosideup and decorating the wall above my bed.

Align Center
Dress by Lover

I have been contemplating pretty summer things like maidenhair ferns, white lacy dresses and yellow hair ribbons.

I have been listening to Girls, Atlas Sound and Volcano Choir. Tasty, if predictable.

Atlas Sound
- Sheila
Volcano Choir - Husks and Shells
Girls - Lust for Life

I have been watching Peepshow. Pretty brilliant stuff. I don't think anything has made me laugh so much since Arrested Development.

I have started a new little bloggy*, but haven't stopped being a millionaire!

I have discovered an aching, devout, ridiculous kind of love for Nancy Sinatra. But more on that later.

*It's called Quincey and will be the new home of all my domestic cooking, crafting, gardening and general nesting projects. Come say hi!

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