Sunday, September 27, 2009

Let's dance!

David Bowie ( i can hear you all swooning)

Recently all of my reoccurring fantasies involve dancing. One moment i'm dreaming of sitting on a temperate Caribbean beach in a pretty, billowy white dress drinking mojitos (at sunset of course), when a tall, bronzed salsa God whisks me away to dance and twirl on cobblestone lanes. The next moment i'm a tiny prima ballerina with a giant Marc Jacobs style bow on my head, twirling my way across the stage into the arms of a man with incredibly large, ah.... tights. Maybe i'm going through a twirling phase, or maybe, like my beautiful rabbit Ophelia, my mind is embracing all things spring.

A man largely responsible for the enormous amount of twirling and (spring fantasising) i've been doing this weekend is Mr. David Bowie. Sometimes I have him singing Modern Love to me in an amazing tree house while i run around a backyard showing off my mad 80's dance skills*.

This video could be the greatest thing i've seen all freakin' year;

Bowie is this weeks dream boat. I love him. He even wrote a song about me. It's called Sorrow. It's about a girl with long blond hair and eyes so blue. He can't resist her, and that's totally fine, because i can't resist you either, my tree house singing dance machine. Though, like so many fine looking males, i love him but he'd make a terrible boyfriend.

Here are some of my favourite Bowie songs to dream to.
Warning: these songs may induce a tingling sensation in your pants.

MP3: Changes
MP3: Rebel Rebel
MP3: Sorrow
MP3: Ashes to Ashes
MP3: China Girl
MP3: Under Pressure

* This fantasy is in my top 5 favourite of all time.

Monday, September 21, 2009

The Great Escape

The song 'The Great Escape' by Patrick Watson fits my mood stunningly this evening. It's gentle melody helps to soothe and calm my soul from the fury of my crazy day. The animation from the film clip almost matches the beauty of the song. Almost.

MP3: The Great Escape - Patrick Watson

While on all things Patrick Watson, this advertisement featuring the song 'To Build a Home' by the Cinematic Orchestra (featuring my beloved Patrick), is probably my all time favourite ad. It's wonderful.

The song is equally spectacular...

MP3: To Build a Home - Cinematic Orchestra (featuring Patrick Watson).

Sunday, September 20, 2009

This week I'll be dreaming

Image via Sevgilim

"There are times when a feeling of expectancy comes to me, as if something is there, beneath the surface of my understanding, waiting for me to grasp it…"

— Sylvia Plath

This week i'm going to be dreaming of far away places, adventures still to be had and possibilities that i don't even know exist yet.

Image by 'Serenity'

I have a feeling it's going to be a pretty great week.


Friday, September 18, 2009

A beautiful take on Asian horror

This last weekend some of my friends and i spent a night eating pizza, drinking beer and watching Asian horror films. It was tits. Finding this amazing shoot styled by Hayley Hughes (of Fashion Hayley fame) inspired by this very genre (Ju-on inspired to be precise) was icing on the freak-ing (heh, get it?) cake.

This editorial leaves me speechless. To me it is both creepy and beautiful. I am torn between wanting to imitate Grudge like looks in the mirror, and wanting to hide under my doona covers avoiding anything with a reflective surface on my way there.

These are some of my favourite shots from the editorial. You can check out more here at Hayley's profile. I'm a fan.

Mm, goosebumps.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Neon Chandelier


While Jaimie gets all swoony over brown leather shoes, my heart goes gooey for quirky, elegant and unexpected interiors.

How amazing are these pictures from Vogue Living Australia's September Issue? So romantic yet so modern with it's fuzzy walls and touches of neon! Genius. Wow. I'd like to sip my last mojito here, please.

What extravagant, ridiculous or humble things do you crave, petunias? Brown leather shoes, a $200 000 chandelier, a boob job?

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Brown leather fetishes, tied up with string (laces)...

There is something about brown leather lace-ups that get me all a dither. To me these shoes simply ooze sex appeal. If someone attractive is strutting their way across the street in some of these puppies, from their ankles up, they may as well not exist anymore. I'm fixated.

Boys are more attractive, girls are more attractive, and everyone suddenly is more interesting.

''Oh, highly attractive young man, I see you are sporting a pair of brown lace-up shoes ?''

"Why yes i am beautiful lady (that's me). I also fantasise about Spencer Krug and update my comic log every night".


Everyone should own a pair.

Here are some images to help reinforce this for you.

My brown Top Shop lace ups. Not the most flattering of shots, but they really are amazing...


These are all the photos i could find of brown lace ups from my list of favourite street-fash blogs. Have you seen any other pics? Let me know, they're pretty much my version of porn atm.


Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sunday, Sun Day

Hi gangsters,

What a beautiful weekend!

I've spent the last hour trying to find something cool to post about. I've got nothing. So instead i'm going to let you in on some (un)interesting facts;

1. Eric is my dream boat. Yes Eric, you may dominate me when ever you please.


2. My house is pretty much filled with bugs.


3. Everyone who is anyone has been in in CSI Miami. Nick believes it's part of the circuit of TV shows that people need to be in before coming famous (FYI, we do not condone this TV show).


  • 10361.) I'm scared there won't be another you.

  • 10359.) I hate that it was so easy for you to put aside your feelings. I just wish that you'd follow your heart this time. Please don't be afraid.

  • 10354.) I don't know who I am anymore, I have lost my grip on reality.

4. You know you are getting over things when you no longer identify with every secret on Blog Secret.

Ugh. Why are you still whinging?!


5. Asian horror films are generally better than their American remakes.


6. Everyone has already gone to see Ponyo and i am forced to see it dateless.


6. Today was a great day for a picnic.


7. Our bandwidth has massively failed, so no more songs (until i sort something new out... I have a plan).

I've been bogged down with assessment, hence my absence, but promise to be more present this week.

Have a good week chums.


Saturday, September 12, 2009

A Handmade Evening


Owlies by Fock Space Toys

Last night, I was incredibly lucky enough to represent this darling blog at the VIP viewing of the Handmade Market: In Bloom at the very rustic, very charming Yarralumla Woolshed.

My (two) dates and I were treated to delicious local wine (by Lakeview Estate) and beer (by Zierholz) and amazing canapes. The dates with goats cheese pesto in particular were divine. It all felt ultra spesh. I love being a VIP.

I even got a freebie or two, including this beautifully crafted brooch by Sinead Buckney. Did I mention that I love being a VIP?

All this decadent pampering led me to make many an extravagant purchuse, including this gorgeous ring by Klei.

Who also makes numerous other beautiful things including these dear little animal pendants.

This crocheted table runner (which is actually a scarf) by a lovely lady whose name I can't remember (sorry!).

And some fab fabrics from Posie Patchwork which will be made into cushions for the couch real soon.

It truly was an amazing night and showcased just how many wonderful, creative, handmakin' peeps there are in our fine citytown. The huge line of cars trying get in when we left indicates just how much Canberra is embracing the handmade.

A big huge thank you to the market's creative director, Julie for inviting us along and spoiling us rotten! The Market is open till 4pm today, and will be back again in three months.