Friday, September 18, 2009

A beautiful take on Asian horror

This last weekend some of my friends and i spent a night eating pizza, drinking beer and watching Asian horror films. It was tits. Finding this amazing shoot styled by Hayley Hughes (of Fashion Hayley fame) inspired by this very genre (Ju-on inspired to be precise) was icing on the freak-ing (heh, get it?) cake.

This editorial leaves me speechless. To me it is both creepy and beautiful. I am torn between wanting to imitate Grudge like looks in the mirror, and wanting to hide under my doona covers avoiding anything with a reflective surface on my way there.

These are some of my favourite shots from the editorial. You can check out more here at Hayley's profile. I'm a fan.

Mm, goosebumps.


Anonymous said...

Um. But isn't the girl with the hair over her face from Ringu, not Ju-on?

Jaimie said...

Mm, I agree. You're right. I'm going off the information i found about the editorial though, which was 'Ju-on inspired'. Guess i should change the title of the post to ensure it's more pc...


Fashion Hayley said...

Hey, I guess it is just Japanese horror inspired in general. The only movie I was brave/stupid enough to watch was Ju-on, which left me so scared the next day in the shower it made a funny noise so I jumped out and ran down the hall screaming...then I moved into a house in Japan that looked very similar to the one in the movie, some nights were so scary, ha. I guess I've just seen images from Ringu and other j-horror movies and they all inspired me, because as stills they are really beautifully creepy.