Sunday, September 27, 2009

Let's dance!

David Bowie ( i can hear you all swooning)

Recently all of my reoccurring fantasies involve dancing. One moment i'm dreaming of sitting on a temperate Caribbean beach in a pretty, billowy white dress drinking mojitos (at sunset of course), when a tall, bronzed salsa God whisks me away to dance and twirl on cobblestone lanes. The next moment i'm a tiny prima ballerina with a giant Marc Jacobs style bow on my head, twirling my way across the stage into the arms of a man with incredibly large, ah.... tights. Maybe i'm going through a twirling phase, or maybe, like my beautiful rabbit Ophelia, my mind is embracing all things spring.

A man largely responsible for the enormous amount of twirling and (spring fantasising) i've been doing this weekend is Mr. David Bowie. Sometimes I have him singing Modern Love to me in an amazing tree house while i run around a backyard showing off my mad 80's dance skills*.

This video could be the greatest thing i've seen all freakin' year;

Bowie is this weeks dream boat. I love him. He even wrote a song about me. It's called Sorrow. It's about a girl with long blond hair and eyes so blue. He can't resist her, and that's totally fine, because i can't resist you either, my tree house singing dance machine. Though, like so many fine looking males, i love him but he'd make a terrible boyfriend.

Here are some of my favourite Bowie songs to dream to.
Warning: these songs may induce a tingling sensation in your pants.

MP3: Changes
MP3: Rebel Rebel
MP3: Sorrow
MP3: Ashes to Ashes
MP3: China Girl
MP3: Under Pressure

* This fantasy is in my top 5 favourite of all time.


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