Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Mad crush monday: men in well fitted suits

Dear men of the world,

If you want to impress a love interest, an enemy, a frenemy, the other side of a blossoming bromance, or you simply feel like looking dashing, my advice to you is to wear a well fitted suit. Why? Because men in suits are fucking hot.

I’ve recently started working in the office of a very high profile NGO. While it’s a little boring compared to the work I was doing, I get to dress up each day pretending I'm some type of gargantuan glamazon, and perv on cute boys donning suits. My penchant for men in suits has led me to having a mad crush on most men in the Canberra CBD.

Mm, humm you are destined for greatness young man.

However, I should clarify. Not all suits are created equal. How well a suit fits corresponds to my degree of man-crush. Ill fitting suits can make men look clumsy and portray the image of holding positions of little to no consequence in an organisation. As a woman (albeit a fiercely independent one) my bio-evolutionary trait to secure a man able to provide and protect remains strong. Men in well fitted suits provide the psychological sign that they could be in a position of power, or at least have aspirations for such. Ergo, this explains an evolutionary psychology perspective of why men in well fitted suits are attractive, and why you as a male should probably wear one.

Please, let me provide you with some evidence for my case.

Nice suit: cue to beliefs of a strong, powerful man.

He's going places (probably to kill and protect) and would provide excellent genetic material for our future super child.

Who is this handsome stranger who has never appeared on our blog before?
His suit is like a handsome power force-field.

OMG that force-field has some type of magnetic pulling power!
I can't stop looking up images of Charles Bartholomew!!

"Why yes it does Jaimie. I'm irresistible to you because my well fitting suits indicate that I have power, money, intelligence and possibly my own masseuse."

"I'm going to lean up against this wall and look pensive to demonstrate my point further."

Well that post went down hill quickly. You win this round Ed Westwick.



Isa said...

Agreed agreed agreed! Nothing makes men look sillier than poorly-fitting clothes. I once went out with a guy who was quite short, and in his attempts to look taller/bigger he consistently wore clothes that were too big for him. Sadly he and I are no longer on speaking terms, but I think, thanks to me, he now looks better on the outside than he turned out to be on the inside!

And while I do like well-fitting clothes, I'm not a fan of lycra. And as for that last pic, well he does look slightly like he's had a teatowel tattoed to his upper body! ;-D

Jaimie said...

A tea towel tattooed to a crazy hot upper body!!!

Mm, I went out with a guy like that once too. Luckily he changed his ways. Maybe we could start a new phrase, "big clothes syndrome". Heh heh.

Toddette said...

My man wears well fitting hugo boss suits = sex

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