Friday, March 4, 2011

You Are Here

Remember this?

Sorry, I'm going to bombard you again. In case you were wondering what You Are Here is all about, here is the big reveal...

You Are Here is a brand new festival which will be hitting the streets and vacant shopfronts of the Canberra "CBD" next week! I am so excited, as I have been lucky enough to be helping out with this assault to Canberra's senses. My ooh la la title is Festival Coordinator, sounds important right? Sooooo important.

There will be a delectable catalogue/program booklet, of which I've made some contributions but it won't be out until next week. In the meantime though check out the You Are Here blog for updates about the smorgasbord of performance, music and visual arts events you can expect to see.

My highlights, for those of you who can't be bothered to investigate further:

Carpark Festival
- a one-day free festival of music and art taking place in and around the Melbourne Building.

Here and There Sweatshop
- here and there will taking over one of Civic’s vacant shopfront spaces and transforming it into a sweatshop. That’s right, clocking in at 9am and sweating away until 5pm these emerging artists will be creating artworks while you watch.

Poppy Malik

BYO Exhibition - relatively self explanatory...

New Young Canberra Showcase
- a gig by local genre busters Kasha, Spartak, Reuben Ingall and Orbits, curated by Shoeb Ahmad. Free download of the New Weird Australia: The Sound of Young Canberra Complilation here.

Belco Pride - photography exhibition of Lee Grant's Belco Pride series

Lee Grant

I've totally left out stuff that I'm dying to see, but it got too hard to choose! Make sure You Are Here (heh, see what I did there?) from the 10th - 20th March to see the best Canberra has to offer.

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Sounds worth popping back into Canberra for! Genius <3


Velveteen x