Tuesday, March 18, 2008

My Loveboat

Feeling that it was high time I dipped my toe (somewhat cautiously) into the pool that is Number One Millionaire, here I am with my very first posting. Or post. I'm working on becoming hip to the blogging vernacular.

Unlike my delightful (and possibly feuding friends) I am neither funny nor particularly word savvy. Though I did just use the word savvy, so maybe I am mistaken. That word always reminds me of the Asterix comic, "Obelix & Co." and its witty deconstruction of corporate business and of course, explicit use of the awesome word that is 'savvy'.

While thinking about my first post, I came up with a number of ideas:

1. A discussion on how taking photos with my polaroid camera convinces me that I have untapped artistic and photographic ability.

2. What a hottie Clive Owen is. In fact, he may be my loveboat. Or dreamboat. Or whatever.

3. Screw the other ideas, Asterix is way more fun and interesting!

and here we are readers*, here we are.

*I use the term 'readers' very loosely as I think even my fellow bloggers may have stopped reading at this point.


Jaimie said...

Tee hee, loveboat! You rock.

'Savvy' always reminds me of one Captain Jack Sparrow.

Julia said...

ooh, i didn't stop reading! i was entranced by your witty and, indeed,
"savvy" vernacular. i particularly loved the bit where you linked your initial reference to the comic 'Asterix' with a symbolic, punctuation asterix at the end. genuis. i'd write a semiotic analysis of it if i could remember how... i really should have paid more attention to reading popular culture in first year.