Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Spiders, Melons and Taxidermy

Jaimie has been putting all kinds of pressure on me to post something on this freshly birthed blog of ours, and, well, to be honest, I am a tad concerned about it becoming an exclusive product of her dangerously late night rants. Not that a blog consisting of the thoughts of a young girl who works night shifts at a teenage rehab facility would be a bad thing...has a rather morbidly romantic scent to it, really. Nevertheless, it does seem to be time I justified the (somewhat involuntary, while we're on it) appearance of my name in the right hand column.
Oddly, I seem to have come over all bashfull...
Therefore, I shall make my first post a "Julia recommends" of sorts.

Julia Reccomends:

That you check out the work of Julia deVille, an amazing artist/jewler whose darkly beautiful works are strangely enchanting.

That you mix natural greek yoghurt with honey and sprinkle with walnuts for breakfast tomorrow.

That you visit this hillarious blog.

That you listen to "Electric Feel" by MGMT (hell, when we work out how I'll even post an mp3).

That you exercise caution next time you innocently pick up a pile of newspapers off your loungeroom floor, less a huge huntsman spider hidden within scurry out and CRAWL ACROSS YOUR HAND! (It happened to me on Saturday and I am still traumatised. I am afriad of my very own hand where it crawled, and cant even touch newspapers).

That you impress your love interest by buying them a "Melona" melon flavoured icecream from your local Asian Supermarket. Tastes like honeydew only creamier, and is an aesthetically pleasing rectangular shape:


Jaimie said...
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Jaimie said...

'I am a tad concerned about it becoming an exclusive product of her dangerously late night rants'...

Yes, my thoughts exactly. This is why i was pressuring you to post my pretty.

Anonymous said...

melona is my summer life.