Sunday, August 31, 2008

Spring has sprung!

Photos by Joanna Branson

Tomorrow marks the first day of spring and (coincidentally) the first day of my new, fantastic, dream job as an adolescent and family counsellor. This week i plan to take up swing dancing (anyone interested in coming with?), wine and dine my charming man, go for coffee with a new friend, get back on track to becoming cello goddess of the world and finish decoupaging my mirror (exciting 'how to' post coming later this week).

To celebrate the arrival of spring here's a mix Jens Lekman put together last year. He made it to lament the end of the European summer, which of course coincides with the start of our spring. It's warm, fun and everything spring should be.

Death of the summer- Jens Lekman

Happy new week everybody!

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