Wednesday, September 3, 2008

What has this enviably gourmet blogger been eating since moving out?

Take one packet of Nissin Instant Ramen (I have an almost insatiable affection for the soy flavor), and prepare according to the packet instructions. A moment before you think the noodles are of a desirable texture (yielding, somewhat, to the tooth, but still firm {the Italian's call this al dente), chuck in one head of bok choy, cut in half length ways. Boil for just a moment, until the bok choy turns a rather pleasing vibrant green and wilts slightly. Pour mixture into a deep noodle bowl, stir through contents of sauce sachet and seasoning sachet, and garnish with the provided sliced seaweed (pretty much my favorite instant noodle inclusion, ever). If you are feeling even more adventurous (or want to regain a fraction of the credibility you lost upon preparing instant noodles), you may also want to add some dried, sliced shitake mushrooms, which you should boil for at least a minute in the pot before chucking in your noodles. MSG-a-licious!

Shin Ramyun (hot and spicy) is also quite fantastic prepared in a similar manner (although the instructions require you to add all flavorings before cooking). I warn you, however, eating this particular variety is something of an endurance sport, involving panting, sweating, and loosing almost all fluids from eyes and nose. It is also the reason why I'm not a member of any gym.

{Needless to say, we don't yet have a fridge. But when we do, I promise to be back with lots of delicious, budget friendly and slightly more nutritious recipes, utilising herbs from our freshly planted quaint herb box, and making the most of the ridiculously hugemongous fridge we'll be picking up on Friday.}

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