Thursday, September 4, 2008

Nudity, politics and party rabbits.

Oh kiddiliwinkles, i am crazy excited about the upcoming Meredith Music Festival.

If you are so far unsuccessful in securing tickets, don't abandon hope dear ones. Do what you can to find one. Maybe you're the type that should camp for tickets, or maybe baking some muffins for that smack addicted window washer guarding the traffic lights into Dickson will wack your karma back in shape and the universe will deliver you a ticket, DO WHAT EVER YOU CAN TO GET YOUR HOT LITTLE ARSE'S THERE!

Listen to this new Final Fantasy song and tell me you didn't just soil your pants at the idea of seeing him live...

The Butcher- Final Fantasy

Persepolis is the most gorgeous film i've seen for a very long time. Scrape together some money and see it. It's French, it's animated, it's clever and it rekindled my life goal of saving the world.

I know these guys have been getting a lot of hype by a band i'd rather not be associated with on this here blog, but my god, i can't get enough of them...

Frightened Rabbit remind me of a better version of the Frames and a less lame version of Snow Patrol. They're from one of my favourite musical countries (Scotland, though i swear they sound Irish), and their music gets stuck in my head easier than Bruce Willis' face (so i have a crush on Bruce Willis, what can you do?). Being signed to one of my favourite labels Fat Cat only helps their cause. I know they're hyped, but just try them out, see if they fit.



No, really?


All Tomorrow's Parties to Australia? You've got to be joking.... You're not? That's the most fucking awesome thing i've heard all day.

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