Saturday, September 27, 2008

Mark Wahlberg doesn't even like unicorns

Before I start this post, let me make a confession. I have never really liked Alannah Hill designs that much. Shocking and sacreligious to girls everywhere, as almost every girl I know loves Alannah Hill. I have always found her designs a bit too girly, a bit too fluffy and frilly, a bit too much overall. Too frou frou, for want of a better phrase. I'll admit that I have always liked the odd bit of Alannah Hill, but it has never been a brand I coveted. That is, until now. Her Summer 2008 lookbook arrived as an insert in my Vogue today and the first thing that caught my eye was a unicorn on the cover. Ooooh, unicorn! (is what I said/squealed) I have a bit of an obsessive love of all things unicorn at the moment after writing an essay on the Unicorn Tapestry's.* As a flicked through the lookbook, fulling intending to not be that impressed, I found myself "oooing" and even "ahhing" at everything. One thing I loved about the looks was that the stylised backgrounds perfectly completmented the frou frou of the clothes and I was totally loving the frou frou in all these looks. This new love of Alannah Hill may also be due to my current floral obsession, my socks with shoes obsession (that always, without fail gets a dirty and disapproving look from my mother and my sister), or my head decoration obsession. I suspect it is the combination of all these elements that left me swooning for some Alannah Hill. Take a look yourself and see if you don't swoon a little.
Click to enlarge and get the full effect

*Unicorn aside: I don't know if anyone else has seen that episode of 30 Rock in which Jack has lost his job to his boss's daughter, who has a combined unicorn and Mark Wahlberg obssession? (it was on the box last night) At one point Jack shouts, Mark Walhberg doesn't even like unicorns! While holding a framed photo of Mark Wahlberg. So funny.

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Anonymous said...

Jack Donaghey doesn't actually shout it . . .

Far more cruelly, he simply asks the addled Miss Geist "You who hates unicorns? Mark Wahlberg. . ." whilst holding MW's photo.