Sunday, September 14, 2008

Prairie Goth

There are two things that I love, dressing up and reading fashion blogs. Obviously, these aren't the only two things I love, but they are rather high on the list. What I love about fashion blogs in particular is seeing how wonderfully creative people can be with what they wear and it constantly inspires me to more creative and confident with how I dress as well. In an effort to give back a little and pay it forward (as Kevin Spacey and Haley Joel Osment so succinctly put it) I'm adding my own little fashion experiment into the Millionaire mix.

Two of the most dominant trends in fashion at the moment are floral and gothic. The Laura Ashley in me can't help but swoon over anything and everything floral, so that sometimes I end up looking like a country house chintz living room threw up on me. Gothic is a loose terminology, it seems, for looks that are dark, dramatic and powerful. None of which I think I've captured in my attempt to combine two very different looks, since the most 'gothic' item I own are spider web tights. I'm so dark.

Basically this was all an excuse to play around with two very different styles and combine them into one outfit and see what would happen. It was also an excuse to wear two new purchases, the floral shirt and dress (see what I mean about me and floral?!), which are from Canberra's very own itrip iskip.

'Prairie Goth, a film starring Charlie Chaplin'

'Mum, I don't wanna go to the prom!'


Anonymous said...

you look stunning.

Jaimie said...

Ooh la la!

Anonymous said...

not good.

Anonymous said...

Stop being so mean, man. She looks pretty.