Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Movin' on out...

Remember this post, and this post? Well, friendlies, it's all coming true for me too! This time next week, the boy, the girl, and another boy and I will be shacking up together in a georgeous inner north home. A home with polished floorboards and huge, airy rooms. A home with lots of sunshine, with old-fashioned light switches and insanely high ceilings. A home with history, character, an ensuite and an orange tree! A home filled with friendship and laughter and lovers! A home which, for the next six months, will be ours.

It's a home I plan to fill with big, colorful bowls of oranges, fresh flowers, the scent of baking, outdoor lanterns and a potted herb garden. It's also a home from which I can catch the bus right outside the front door, and straight to uni in 10 short minutes. I wish it was a home with a kitchen as beautiful as the one pictures above, but it'll do nicely, for now.

I can't quite believe that I will be leaving the bland outer suburb I've spent almost my entire life in, and will finally be able to unpack my well stocked "glory box", but chums, it seems it's true! Everything is a tad chaotic at the moment, I also start a new job tomorrow, and my thesis is due in two short months. And not only will I be moving out of home for the first time, but I'll also be moving in with the boy. Eep! But after a year filled with unemployment, thesis procrastination and suburban boredom, not to mention hours and hours of driving, I think this is just what I need.

I promise lots of updates in coming weeks: furniture shopping escapades, photos of said light switches, moving in debacles, craft projects, etcetera etcetera.

Oh, the Martha Stewart in me is about to faint with excitement!

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Anonymous said...

You make it sound so good I wanna move in too!