Monday, August 25, 2008

And then reality moved swiftly in...

So I know I came over all hyper-excited about the new house in my last post, and made it sound like some kind of magical fairyland wonderland marble-mansionland. But let me tell you, cherubs (in a gather near t' my bosom and let me share with you some wisdom, kinda way), I'm not sure if anyone has told you this, but moving really is THA WORST. I think from now on, I simply won't do it. I'll live in a gypsy caravan, just as I'd always planned.

Plus, you know, the house...magical fairyland though it is, has some flaws. The gas heater leaks gas. There is a dire lack of power sockets, and they're all in the most impractical of places. The fancy newly polished floors are (and it kills me to say this) almost more trouble than they're worth. There is no garden.

But don't get me wrong, m'dears. I do love the joint - it has a lovely character. I am happy. This is the moment I've been dreaming of for most of my adolescent/early adult life. In fact, on Friday, when we picked up the keys and I started moving in items from my glory box, I even uttered the following words to my housemates, triumphantly and with great glee: "This is the happiest day of my life." They laughed at me, and went back to their macbooks (they were trying to fleece wireless internet from the neighbours). But it kind of was, in a way.

So, to reignite the fire of my enthusiasm, I thought it apt to share a few pictures of some of my favourite corners of our new, somewhat humble, abode.

Olde-worldy light switches

Even more olde-worldy light switches

Beautiful, wooden doors, with lovely hexagonal brass door knobs

Wallpaper on the inside of our wardrobe

Bathroom lady on our ensuite door

Orange tree!

Pegs holder on clothesline. KC tried to remove the bird deposits from it with a bit of the ol' spit-and-rub, but managed instead to create a spitty-pooey paste. But I told her that you wouldn't mind.

Apparently this little room is where the milkman would have delivered the milk back in the olden days. How positively quaint!

Daffodils on the mantelpiece for Daffodil Day, and oranges from our tree.

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