Monday, August 4, 2008

It was acceptable in the 80's.

Still from Sixteen Candles

Talk about best freakin' idea for a themed week ever! Vanessa Ness Ness Mc Awesome, you win this weeks merit award!

I, like Vanessa Mc Awesome, love the 80's. To me the 80's symbolise a reason to douse on over the top make up, squeeze into ridiculous (but brilliant) outfits, flaunt patterns and colours that usually if combined would have you parting people in a crowd like Moses parted the red sea, and give you an excuse to let your inner dancing queen light up the dance floor.

So, for my introductory post i've created a picture montage of some iconic trends that, as Calvin Harris so funkely sang, were acceptable in the 80's.

Big hair. Now these guys are tough. They wear metal chains, are obviously dangerous with their styling products, and their make-up says,' AIDS; i'll karate-kick you in the face'.

Certain trends of 80's culture appear to be making a resurgence within our current pop-culture. But you must ask yourself, what happens to a person when they adopt bad aspects of 80's culture into their identity...

Obviously this sub-culture is not for the faint of heart. Or maybe just not for trashy, drug fucked hoes.

80's aerobics? Hell yeah! You get skinny you brightly clad, fun loving, headband wearing spectacle of joy!

Sometimes i adorn my silver sparkly leotard over my blue tights, put on a bright pink headband, pull up my brightest knee high socks and run around the house punching the air to 'Modern Love' by Bowie. I am lame, but so are the 80's.

Kate Bush is one of my biggest lady loves. I'll leave her for Julia to serve up deliciously for you, but what an amazing spectacle of originality, beauty and talent. She's incredible.

While Loony Tunes used to scare me senseless when i was young, they are undeniably cool. I mean talking cartoon animals that weren't from the Disney studio? (Not that i don't think Disney is the best thing ever).

'Oh you'll never believe it! I'm an alien that looks like a crazy mix between an ant-eater and a bee hive!'

I'm not sure if it's just me but Alf is just about the stupidest looking puppet i've ever seen. Every time i see his ugly, crazy face i get all giggly and silly. Oh man, he cracks me up. Not quite as much as this next guy does though...

I googled the TV show 'Super Friends', to stick a picture here and talk about the crazy lame show, but then i found this one of Vanessa and i at her 80's movie themed party and think it speaks for Super Friends enough.

And now here are some of my favourite tunes from our number one decade, that were acceptable in the 80's and i think are still acceptable at this time...

Modern Love- David Bowie

Temptation- New Order

Graceland- Paul Simon

Ask- The Smiths

Pur- Cocteau Twins

The Mercy Seat- Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds

Atmosphere- Joy Division

German Film Star- The Passions

West End Girls- Pet Shop Boys

Much love,


Clancy said...

4th picture and Graceland links are broken, Otherwise full of 80's win..

please fix the graceland, i have lost the copy you sent me and would rather like another

Jaimie said...

Mhahaha, didn't i tell you that it is impossible to resist Paul Simon's brilliance? I think i did.

Picture link should be fixed now, our music host, however, is being ridiculously lame. Will try and fix this tomorrow.

Christopher said...

You have a very pretty blog.

The 80s truely were the GREATEST time to be around.

I look foward to seeing more posts.

Thank You

Liz Ackroyd said...

He he. Wonderful Jaimie!

Let's not forget now, who won 80s' Prom Queen in '07!!!

I think one song you missed was Walk like an Egyptian, by the Bangles, 1986. One truly not to be missed!

Katy said...

The 80s blow like a European toilet bum squirter and I oughtta know! I just want Julia's goddam recipes you a-holes!