Thursday, July 31, 2008

Number One 80s Week

Oh My Molly Ringwald! I just had the best idea EVA. 80's freakin' week! Julia's slightly 80s related post has inspired me. Not that it takes much to really get me excited about the 80s, I kind of love that decade, in fact my 21st was "Come as your favourite 80s movie character" themed. As much as I love the 80s though, it has been somewhat ruined by the 80s fever that has been sweeping the fashion and music of the Supre-esque crowd (for our internash readers Supre is a super-trashy-tween-slut clothes store. Basically it's nasty). Regardless I felt that it might be fun to have a little theme week here at Number One Millionaire, because seriously, who doesn't love a good themed event?

I think the only way to really express my excitement about Number One 80s Week is in true 80s fashion...through dance. Admittedly this linked video is not an example of 'dancing for excitement', oh no, it's better. Kevin Bacon dancing angry.

And Kevin Bacon is just the beginning, this week will be full of all kinds of 80s goodness. Now, to kick it off I found this amazing trailer for the film Valley Girl, which I have never seen but I think I need to now. Hope you find it even a fraction as hilarious as I did (yes, that is Nicholas Cage. It's difficult to recognise him minus his signature receding hairline).

Stay tuned for many more 80s related movies, music, fashion, maybe even some tasty treats this week.

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