Sunday, July 13, 2008

i'll be your plastic toy...

from the series Butterfly and the Infinite Sadness by Yann Orhan

Another series of pictures and musics, for no particular reason except to procrastinate from the drudgery of thesis. Ohhhh the drudgery.

Right now it's very cold* and very dark, so if you feel the need, consider that the theme.

photograph by Bernhard Quade

Bill Henson, Untitled # 20

from the English Kills series by Andreas Laszlo Konrath

Patrick Wolf - London

House by Remi Thornton

From the May 2008 Series by D.B. Whitaker

Mono - A Thousand Paper Cranes

* You know, I had never complained about weather as much as I have since I've been blogging...and I've recently noticed that this seems to be a common theme. Everyone in the northern hemisphere is blogging about how horribly hot it is, and everyone in the south is whinging about the cold
through chattering teeth. Which has lead me to the following conclusion: bloggers really only ever blog about the weather.


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