Saturday, July 19, 2008

Writer's Block

photograph by Sarajea

As previously mentioned, I've been trying to write the first chapter of thesis. Thesis is now due in exactly three months, and, as more people than I'd like to count have commented: "wow, that's, like, really soon". Given that I've only written 2000 shoddy words out of 18 000 hopefully fabulous ones, things are looking a little grim.

Today I did everything I could to prepare myself for a big day of writing. This included, but was not limited to:

  • Getting up early, showering, and eating a big and nutritious breakfast (mmm...felafel)
  • Scrubbing my desk, and removing excess clutter in the hope that it would have the same effect on my mind (but actually resulted in a rather time consuming re-design of much of my room)
  • Tidying up all the folders containing my thesis research, notes etc on my desktop
  • Drinking copious amounts of tea
  • Getting everything out of the way that may have given me cause to procrastinate later (e-mail, facebook, blogging, etc - and, as you can see, I'm still there)
  • Writing a humble list of things to achieve; and
  • Writing myself inspirational messages on post-its like "do it for yr futcher!", "WRITE, you stupid, lazy mole!", and "what would Germaine do?" and sticking them around my desk
It is now 4pm, and, apart from "stupid", "lazy" and "mole" I still haven't written a word.

So, friends, consider this a cry for help. Help! What do ya'll do when writer's block/study block/inspiration block/the black devil of procrastination strikes, and threatens to eat your children? I could use the advice...even if it seems lame, cliched or downright silly...please?


Anonymous said...

yes, writers block can be a pain. personally i find sex to be a remarkable cure all for this kind of thing. the endorphin rush can help enormously with writing!
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Lachlan said...

Personally, I find the best answer to this is an experiment in anti-social behaviour. And one has to love the fact that anti-social behaviour is the most talked about behaviour there is, so its hardly un-social is it?

As a faux-pas writer/journalist, Writers block will eventually mean no income for yours truely. Althought luckily I have found the above mentioned way to get over it.

Go somewhere and either absorb in the behaviour around you or alternatively create an catalyst for said experiment by manipulating individuals. Slightly sadistic, but isnt that the same with all forms of Journalism? But don't let misanthropy get to you. Or you'll end up like Ted Bundy. He made Bundy Rum, right?