Monday, July 28, 2008

Love, fear and a dash of Bill Murray

I always find it a little bit scary returning to something after an extended break and this blog is no exception. I have been informed (numerous) times that I need to post and I want to, I desperately want to but there is a certain amount of fear involved (too melodramatic?). This fear I feel is somewhat (exactly like) the sensation of absolute dread that I used to get on the first day back to school after summer holidays. I was always worried that for some unexplainable reason my friends, enemies and everyone else would completely forget who I was. Every year I thought I would have to reintroduce myself to every person and teacher I had ever met. This can, I think be explained one of two ways:

1. I have a very real fear of actually being forgotten as this in fact frequently happens to me (Sorta like that episode of Buffy when there is a girl who actually becomes invisible because no one acknowledges her. So of course she wreaks her oh so violent revenge. I guess that is something to look forward to)
2. I have possibly watched Groundhog Day one too many times in my youth (serious love for Bill Murray)

I also get this similar feeling now when I go back to work after more than two weeks, but I blame this on the time I went away for 5 weeks and my work did in fact seem to think I had quit and therefore canceled my computer access and I was also locked out of the building. The roundabout meaning of this story (rambling) is that I also have a fear of coming back to the blog as I shamefully have not posted for quite some time and as above story indicates I am deeply fearful that you have indeed forgotten me and my zany (nonsensical) ramblings as well as my love of using brackets.

Now to dispel with the self-indulgent part of this post and leave you with some lovely artworks to peruse in your spare or not so spare time.

I recently purchased How We Are Hungry , which is a collection of short stories by Dave Eggers and I was very taken by the cover illustration. It piqued my interest so I did a bit of heavy research (Google) and discovered that the artist, Daniel Chang, does many lovely illustrations. A lot of his work seems to be for magazines and advertising as well as stand alone pieces. It's not particularly groundbreaking or even thought provoking art, but it is vibrant and enjoyable and worth a bit of a looksy (or look-see. not quite sure, non-words are always the hardest to spell).

cover of How We Are Hungry

all images sourced from Daniel Chang's website


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