Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Listening to honey

Some of us aren't in Kuala-Spend-More, or Thaiwonderland, or Singa'song-sing-happy-day-land. Some of us are in cold, horrid, Canberra. Cold, horrid, scrape the ice of your car for 20 minutes at 7am before running late to your graduate position interview Canberra.

These among us have to content ourselves with small pleasures, like receiving a beautiful Etsy purchase in the mail:

'little wings' necklace from locallibrary

Or discovering, quite possibly, the best song of the year:

Air France - June Evenings

Yep, I'm willing to call it. This is my favorite song of the year, thusly far. It was wrong, terribly wrong, of me to have posted Air France before I'd listened to the whole EP and missed this gorgeous treasure. But believe me, I'm payin' for it now. This song is like audible honey...elderflower-rosewater scented audible honey.

Enjoy, my lotus flowers, my candlenuts. May it warm the cockles of your dear, sweet hearts.


Gavin said...

I live in Kuala-Spend (that cracks me up! LOL) and the city has certainly turned into one huge cluster of shopping malls.

I'm a moteldemoka fan as well. Cheers.

heartbeast/wolfgang said...

haha yes your 'tell it like it is' of SE Asia is funny. i'm from singapore. and i love air france, best of the year. i thought i'd heard everything and then 'no excuses' just bowled me over.

Jaimie said...

Wow! We have overseas readers?

I love Moteldemoka too, one of my favs.

I'll have to give Air France a listen when we get back to the awful cold of home. Thaiwonderland is gorgeous, though the sunburn i'm currently sporting is another story.

Miss you Julz! Sorry we haven't been able to post!


Banana-head Pancake said...

thank you for posting about the necklace!
I hope your weather has improved greatly :)