Sunday, July 27, 2008

Teensy, Weensy Little Pictures

Little Pictures call themselves a "pop duo from New Zealand", and they were sweet enough to send me a copy of their new album Owl + Owl via a very sweet little e-mail, filled with praises for this here blog.

So I couldn't resist posting them.

Plus, they're pretty much the cutest little things ever, and are obviously hip to all that is cute in the cute imaginary right now - like owls and xylophones, New Zealand, TS Eliot and metaphors involving potential love interests as cute little treasures kept in cute little pockets. In fact, they're quite possibly even cuter than this, the "cutest kitten evah":

They have that whole hand crafted lo-fi indie-pop sound, with lots of xylophone (which wins my heart, every time) and synths, and the added bonus of an intriguing 'are they lovers, siblings of friends?' mystery going on, which I know ya'll love. On certain days, this level of twee might leave me feeling like I'd gorged on way too many sugar cream puffs...but today I can handle most anything.

Little Pictures - Hopeful and Hopeless (mp3)

Little Pictures - Eliot (mp3)

{And speaking of sugary creamyness, stay tuned for a pretty fabulous recipe. Should be up in the next couple of days. It's boss.}


Anonymous said...

It's a shame Johanna is a bitch. Trying to bully your way up the bill at someone else's show is not cool.

Parisimo said...

Wow "Anonymous" how very big and brave of you to deal with your frustrations by bagging someone on a blog... ahhh sigh. Johanna is a very sweet lady and perhaps if you talked TO HER calmly you could probably work through this mis-understanding. Sorry that you feel all bitter & stuff - not a nice feeling.. life's too short really... listen to the album - it will most likely cheer you up! - Lil Chief publicist, Lisa at the Label.

Thomas said...

I know it may be too much to ask - but could you be so kind as to re-up "Hopeful and Hopeless" by Little Pictures!?

Pleas and thank you!