Monday, July 28, 2008

Catching signals that sound in the dark.

Clouds from aeroplane window.

A number of my childhood naiveties were rudely ripped from my psyche these past few weeks traveling through Asia. One of these was my idea that flying in an aeroplane was the best. thing. ever. Nine hours on a night flight trying to sleep on budget airline seats taught me otherwise.

After i calmed down from a near claustrophobic panic attack, i embraced the fact i wasn't going to get to sleep and i realised that the view from my tiny window was pretty incredible. At this particular part of the journey home we were flying over what appeared to be an ocean of peaks of translucent dust, under a dazzling veil of stars.

This is a mix of soft, ethereal songs i made while watching my fairy floss sea reflecting over all that's been and all that's to come.

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful post. Thank you =D