Saturday, August 23, 2008

Dance like flowers in the wind for spring.

Wild Flowers by Craig O'Neal

Dearest wildflowers,

I'm sorry we've neglected you all so much of late, but we've all been really terribly busy. My blogging babes are weighed down both with uni and discovering the joys of 'inner city living', while i've been working on a 'life cleanse' of sorts.

Winter has been getting me down. I don't enjoy feeling cold and my goldern locks miss the sun. Gloom and doom had firmly settled upon Jaimieville, so i decided it was in my best interest to shake things up somewhat.

So far my 'life shake' is très sucessful (unlike that song 'Shake It' by Metro Station. Could that song be any worse or any more stuck in my head?). I've some amazing job opportunities in the works and my little soul feels far less clutered.

Expect great things in the upcoming weeks dearest ones. The smell of spring is growing ever stronger and I'm delighted to guide it in.

This is a list of uber poppy songs that coax out the happy dance bug in me (if anyone is mean to my little list i'll have their head).

Profusion by Kenneth Webb

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