Sunday, August 24, 2008

DIY high fashion

Hello darling ones! Sorry to have been so slack recently but I think I was a little overwhelmed with the excitement that was 80's week and haven't been able to post anything NOT 80's related. To celebrate my return to blogging I am doing something a bit new, some DIY fashion. It's fun project time! Hurrah. This is a first for the blog and a first for me as well. As much as I talk about altering things and creating my own fashion masterpieces I usually cave and never actually do it.

As I have been perusing this months magazines I have seen this Dries Van Noten bangle necklace featured a lot and so I got to thinking, I can totally make that myself! And as it turns out, I totally did. Finally a use for the incredibly ridiculous amount of bangles my mother and I have between us.

To create this runway replica you will need:

1. A length of thick ribbon.
I used a belt as ribbon wasn't quite strong enough to hold all the bangles
2. Copious amounts of bangles.
Though, of course you can use as many or as few as you like as it is all
your own creation!
3. The balls to actually wear it out of the house

So I am yet to actually wear this anywhere and to be honest I don't know if I will. Making it was a lot of fun though and has given me the warm fuzzy feeling of accomplishment for today, which I should really have achieved by finishing my essay.


Anonymous said...

Awful. Utterly awful.

Jaimie said...

well i think it's brilliant.

you're very clever my dearest.

Julia said...

Faahbulous. Utterly faahbulous. You really do have a magnificent bangles collection. And I really do strongly feel that you should, indeed, wear it in public. Despite what this person too lame for a name thinks.

Anna said...

Love it. Looks awesome.

ninaribena said...

oooh, love that fashion re-deaux. Quite agreeing with Julia there... faaabulous. Hope to see you around - wearing your new bling of course!