Saturday, August 9, 2008

It's in the's coming!

Goodness gracious, petals, I've been planning this post for a mighty long time. Possibly since before I even started blogging. That's how much this lady means to me. You might even say that she completes me.

Where do I start with Kate Bush? Why is it that I love her so? Why do Never for Ever, The Kick Inside* and Hounds of Love mark the soundtrack to my life, even though they were released years before I was born? Why is she my ultimate, number one girl hero?

These are emotions, friends, that are difficult to convey. Perhaps it is the notes of strength and frailty in her gorgeous, sometimes ecstatic, sometimes terrifying, often unearthly voice. Perhaps it is her ridiculously fabulous outfits, or her ability to dance oh so seductively with a double bass, as if there was nothing she wanted to do more than make sweet, tender love with that sexy combination of wood and strings and assorted knobly bits. Or the way she cries "Heathcliffe!" in Wuthering Heights, or gently sings "peek-a-boo, little earth" in Hello Earth or the melancholy in her voice in "This Woman's Work", or her defiance in "The Wedding List". Its somewhere, also, in the magic her music evokes, of mysty fairy tales, strange, fantastical creatures of the underworld, and ephemeral, heavenly spaces. The brilliance, and originality of her production. The fact that, to me, she encapsulates, yet utterly transcends the eighties, and my discovery of her truly marks the time in my life that I became a woman.

Whatever it is, the lady is genuis. And whenever (oooh) it gets dark, it gets lonely there's no one else to whom I turn. She is my lotus flower.

This is a, by no means comprehensive, mix of some of my fav songs to get Bushy to. Best enjoyed via energetic, interpretive dancing around one's bedroom. Clothing optional.

Kate Bush - Army Dreamers - Never for Ever

Kate Bush - Hounds of Love - Hounds of Love

Kate Bush - Wuthering Heights - The Kick Inside

Kate Bush - Cloudbusting - Hounds of Love

Kate Bush - This Woman's Work - The Sensual World

Kate Bush - The Man with the Child in his Eyes
- The Kick Inside

Kate Bush - Running up that Hill (a deal with God) - Hounds of Love

Kate Bush - The Wedding List - Never for Ever

Kate Bush - The Jig of Life - Hounds of Love

Kate Bush - How to Be Invisible
- Ariel

Kate Bush and Peter Gabriel - Don't Give Up


Running Up that Hill (possibly the best partner dance of all time):

The Big Sky

Wuthering Heights (those facial expressions!):

I actually really can't decide which version is more fabulous, so here, have this one too:

* I realise that The Kick Inside was actually released in 1978, but see my earlier post on my disregard for the distinction between the late '70s and early '80s


Anonymous said...

Great post!!!!!

Kate Bush is my all time favorite artist.

The Matt and Dan Show said...

We do like a bit of Wuthering Heights now and then, but this almost crazy! haha good post though.

all the best,

The Matt and Dan Show

mmrules said...
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mmrules said...

Hi..Love Kate Bush..

But,when you try and download her songs here all you get is a "Bandwidth is Exceeded" message.

Can you Please fix..Thank you.. :)

Clancy said...


i think you guys need a new webhost

far too popular :P

Anonymous said...

I first discovered Kate Bush on a show called Night Flight in 1986. I ran out and bought Hounds of Love the next day. It quickly became and remains my favorite album. Thank you for keeping her name active and possibly exposing her to new people.