Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Wild, white horses. They will take me away.

Now to reclaim a little of the street cred i let gurgle down the drain from my last post...

This is an amazing cover by Radiohead of 'The Rip', one of my favourite songs from what is currently my favourite album of the year, 'Third' by Portishead.

I feel 'The Rip' has qualities that are similar to aspects of Radiohead, maybe that's why i love it so much. What do you all think?

And just to ensure I've redeemed myself enough, this remix of 'Nude' by Radiohead will turn your brain to mush. It's incredible...

Thanks IGIF for the heads up.

The Rip- Portishead.

Big Ideas (don't get any) from James Houston on Vimeo.

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Anonymous said...

aarrr this is so cool!
reminds me of a factory unit that i did for art at school. though i took a different approach to it looking at the dehumanisation of the world today with the factory-like schedules and routines people fall into for the rest of our lives... it was deeper than that.. aha but i looked things like this too... with human movement in place of the machines... it didnt sound as rocking tho... more heart beats and human sounds...like uh and grunt... (hard to explain)

i dont know how i ended up here...

i find ur blogs very intrigueing..
and that secret post site is interesting for my emotional inner sense concept for this years art project...

i cant wait until my life begins.
year 12 is dragging its arse day by day.

salavge the young days they tell me.. i will, i will., the good days anyway.
today is raining. i went home early to work on my last art assessment. i cant believe mum let me do that! crazy.. my parents are very strict. i dont mind. i think they turned me out alright.

the assignment is pretty interesting, though im off topic again. damn you facebook and amazing people on the internet! i would rather write in my own words about their works than use all these random people's quotes...

thats right i was looking for information on Joy Hester. What a woman. her simplistic works are so beautiful.. i just wanna burst explosions of expressions like that. i cant find much on her...i trip to the library should do the trick.. but they are on my case for unreturned books! arrrg im still reading themmmm!

american psycho is the new read.
cant get it in our library.
A Clockwork Orange is a classic fav.

also studying for assignment, kathe kollwitz and zhang xiaogang (i saw that exhibition in brisbane) for i live in australia.

anyways you are probably not interested in me. or my art rant... (that just seemd to be my topic today haha.)
and i dont no you.. but for some reason felt the need to express my self...
right here. commenting this video.
so... i did. :)

here is my sercet ... or rather ambition:
one day i will travel and share my art and ideas with the world.

hopefully i will make something amazing of myself.

this is the end.. you may stop reading unless you already have ..
one day we may pass in the streets and it would never be known.
freaky ahaha

now i bid you adew.

im affraid i cant enclose an identity as i have none of those choices! but i may be back to read more.. this page is now a favourite.(added ^.O)