Thursday, June 26, 2008

So like a dream...isn't it?

Air France have a new EP out called No Way Down. It's pretty brilliant. Pitchfork Best New Music brilliant. They've been compared to the Avalanches, and rightly (and somewhat obviously) so. They have that whole dreamy, sample-y, retro summer feel, which, all though right now it's freezing and I'm a tad stressed and exhausted, does, when I close my eyes, conjour the memory of the warmth of the sun on my bare shoulders, the smell of suncream and frangipanis, and the taste of limeade.

Some of us here at Number One Millionaire are probably experiencing the exact sensation right now in Noosa, a fact of which I am immensly jelous. Similar of us are soon to be experiencing it again in Thailand, and you already know how I feel about that.

NB: I tried to find an image by a tallented artist which captured the pure warmth, joy and freedom evoked this band, but don't think anything can really top the EP's cover image (as above). Perfection.

Air France - Colapsing at your doorstep (Mp3)

Air France - No Excuses (Mp3)

In other news, I've been thinking, and have decided that it's high time I moved here:

I promise to invite you over for croissants.

{Speaking of which, I also promise to share a recipe or two with you soon. Just haven't been all that inspired recently. You understand, I'm sure}*.

*curvey parentheses are so much more glamorous than regular ones, don't you think?