Friday, June 13, 2008

Tonight, my mood is black

Picture found at this street art site.

I'll be honest with you dearest readers, i'm not very happy tonight. I'm in a very dark mood after a nasty shift at work and my thoughts are being clouded by some not so great personal stuff.

A few years ago when 'black' moods were common, i used to find salvation in Post Secret. Though maybe a little cliched now, Post Secret is a blog where people send decorated post cards revealing a secret they've been keeping which they've told no one else. I used to find myself identifying with different secrets and i used the site to shift the focus of my egomaniacal thinking. I find the honesty of the secrets very refreshing, as when you find something you identify with, for a few moments you know that you are completely understood, even if by someone you'll never meet. It's a very special thing to have when feeling utterly alone.

Post Secret was also a source of hope and inspiration for me. The joy that is conveyed through some of the post cards is inspiring, fuel used to help me strive towards achieving the same degree of happiness.

Tonight, for whatever reason, i found some of my favourite secrets that i'd saved for a rainy day. I hope you enjoy them and if you're in a dark and stormy place, take solace in the fact that there are lots of us out in boats battling the same storm, the clouds are just too thick for us to see each other.

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