Sunday, June 8, 2008

Maga fun

Some tasty magazine tibits for all those money poor lovers of the magazine out there.

Now, lets get something straight, I really love magazines. They are shiny, they have pretty pictures, there are words and sometimes they come with free stuff. What's not to love? Most unfortunately there is a sharp thorn in my rose of love for magazines and that thorn's name is Money. Horrible stuff, gives you herpes. But, lo and lets not forget, behold, there is an alternative. What is it you cry? You scream and beg to know. Well dear ones, it is the online magazine. Admittedly not as cool as its close relative the zine, but nonetheless it has many merits (one of them being that I can link to them on this here blog).

Now, I am going to be honest with you all because I feel we are becoming closer, becoming friends even, and one should never lie to friends (unless of course it's absolutely neccessary. For example, you ruined your friend's dress they oh so kindly lent you by somehow covering it in black, tar-like marks, possibly caused from rolling around on the road...). Honest moment: I may have taken all these links from other blogs, ek. Therefore, some of you may actually already be familiar with these magazines, but if not, enjoy!

Sesame A lovely Australian mag with some beautiful photo shoots and pretty interesting articles. I particularly enjoyed the spread about people's favourite items of clothing/accessories and what it means to them. Hasn't been updated recently, but definately worth a look.

prim. A new magazine, only on its second issue, but I love it. Has style profiles of 'normal' people, cute articles on music as well as fashion. I also found from Style Bubble (where I discovered this mag) that the editor is only 14! Man, I have to accomplish some shit. Pronto.

Panda Head Crazy but cool layout. Took me a while to work out how to navagate the mag, but I'm pretty sure that has a lot to do with me and my retardness...

Also, I just had an idea. If anyone has any favourite magazines they wish to share just pop a link into the comments and we can all pass on the magazine love.

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