Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Today's Spring Rollercoaster Ride

Image taken from Blissful Images' Etsy Shop.

Hey gang,

I've had a very topsy-turvey kind of a day, so to compliment this, i'm going to entertain you with a very topsy-turvey type of post.

Is it just me that thinks this photo is simply hilarious?

This evening i enrolled to vote in the upcoming US election. I got on my moral high horse, pledged my allegiance to the democratic party and then logged on to their site to further confirm what a great human i was for 'making a difference'. Phoah! This was the first site that came up when i clicked on their link from google... I'm not sure what i should have expected, i mean, this is America we're talking about. My OS vote probably won't be counted anyway. Execrable.

A New City Life- Pants Yell!

Two of the boys i work with at my 'rehab for kiddies', decided to leave today. One left in a flurry of fright (jumping out of a moving car), convinced the police were waiting for him back at the residential site, and the other boy, apathetic to the last moment, shrugged his shoulders and ambivalently announced that we could all go fuck our selves.

It's the first time any of the kids i've worked with as a counsellor have left, and it's been a massive slap in the face. Sometimes i think i care too much.

Is it wicked not to care?- Belle and Sebastian.

My new, beautiful bike arrived from the mystic land of ebay today! It's fabulous and absolutely made my day!

Moonracing- Bikeride.

Now it's 11.41pm and you find me lusting over this incredible wall of plates i found on SF Girl By Bay, today's favourite blog find.

I'm feeling slightly more centered now.

I hope your day was lovely.


Reynard said...

I'm confused... you're surprised that Obama needs money to win an election? yes, running for president costs a lot of money, maybe you could buy one less accessory and help him out. and the picture is hilarious because why? I don't get it, any of it.

Jaimie said...

Maybe it's an Australian thing, but there's something foul about having to pay money for your candidate to win. Sure, we're not exactly better here, but this particular aspect of US culture (and increasingly ours), stinks. But i guess i'm an idealist, an idealist who really likes accessories.

I'm sorry you don't get it. Maybe you're one of the stereotypical dumb Americans.