Monday, October 6, 2008

Fascinating stuff

What my recent Uni assessment has resulted in (apart from average marks) is a spate of Internet shopping. Oh yes, procrastination is a dangerous thing. In the past I have been guilty of browsing eBay and other shops excessively in an effort to distract myself, but this is the first time I have actually bought anything. Oh, actually that’s totally a lie. I did by a bunch of stuff from American Apparel last year. Recently however, my Internet browsing has not resulted in just one solitary, understandable and explainable purchase. Oh no, this has been at least four purchases. Eck. My first and favourite purchase though is this completely wonderful and beautiful fascinator.

My hair looks like it should be where my face is in this photo. I am not a great photographer.

I bought it from the amazing web shoppe Bona Drag, where I could have bought a lot more things…I was so excited when it arrived as I, like Julia, absolutely love receiving packages in the mail. It reminds me of when I lived overseas for six months and my mummy would send me care packages. Little did I know when I purchased this fascinator that I would be receiving free gifts. Free gifts! I love free gifts almost as much as I love packages, maybe even more. I should have taken photos when it arrived but in my haste to rip it open I forgot. The fascinator itself came beautifully wrapped in decorative tissue paper and accompanied by a mix CD that I assume gets sent out with all Bona Drag products, as well as a thank you card. Both were such lovely touches. I felt so special and all this for spending money on something beautiful. What a great deal.

After the fascinator had arrived and I had decided to post about it (a few weeks ago now, I’m a bit slow) I did a little Internet research and discovered a number of things.
1. This fascinator is almost an exact copy of the one worn in the film Brick, which I had completely forgotten.
2. Two other bloggers had already purchased and blogged about this very same fascinator, which I think is a great recommendation. Check them out at Susie Bubble here and dreamecho here for even more fabulous ways to wear a fascinator.

And as a free gift for you dear readers, a few of the songs featured on the Bona Drag mix tape.

Naked, if I want to - Cat Power
At amber - Morrissey
Different drum - The Stone Poneys


dreamecho said...

thanks for the link! you look marvelous with the fascinator. :)

Vanessa said...

You are very welcome. You have a great blog by the way, so glad I found it!