Monday, October 27, 2008

A Nautical Look at the Crayon Fields.

The Crayon Fields's cute factor is off the freakin' radar.

I've decided that we haven't had enough music on our dear little blog recently and I'm going to try my best to remedy this situation by possibly introducing you kids to some fun new bands.

I've been kind of harsh on our lovely Australia over the past few years, choosing countries such as Sweden and Canada for my first musical port of call, over looking delightful bands battling for attention right in front of me. This week I'm going to showcase some of our best treasures and gems.

One such band I've recently grown very found of are The Crayon Fields. Man do I love these guys. Home port for these gorgeous buccaneers is Melbourne. Canberra hipsters became familiar with these kids a few Thursday's ago at Gangbusters. Apparently they rocked it and I've heard nothing but rave reviews of their set since. Damn my Thursday night obsession with Heroes!

They sing dreamy pop songs which make me feel all light and giggly. It's perfect music for a warm afternoon picnic with a loved one.

Buy, buy, buy! (This site has all the pretty tidbits available for you to buy, and some more songs).

This MP3 is from their upcoming 7"; the precursor to their sophomore album.

Mirror Ball- The Crayon Fields


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Michael said...

The crayon fields will be playing on Sunday in Canberra with a bunch of other bands at a garden party (cnr Wattle St and MacArthur ave O'Connor). The whole thing kicks off at 1PM.

Michael said...

I mean Sunday the 7th