Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Do you remember?


Oh, of Montreal. So zany with their watermelon faces and androgyny and Outback Steakhouse jingles. So lovable, too. And just between you and me, I recently sneaked me a peek at their upcoming release Skeletal Lamping, and I liked what I saw. More importantly, I also liked what I heard.

Here, have a bite:

of Montreal - An Eluardian Instance

Tasty, no?

Tastier still is all the crazy merch you can get when you order the album. In an effort to promote "exceptional objects", you can choose from a range of whimseys, including a paper lantern, t-shirt, tote bag, wall decals and more, which all come with a download code. It's like digital downloading made materialistic, but more exciting than the "conventional, right angle plagued CD packaging" of yore. In the words of the band:

We hope this idea catches on and, in the future, square CD packaging will be abandoned forever and only interesting art objects will fill record stores. We envision a time when you’ll be walking around your local record shop and be like, “What’s the new Radiohead album again? Oh yeah, a bonsai tree in the shape of a deformed goat, I see it over there."

How very avant-garde.

I was totally set to splurge on the $90 Package Deal (featuring the CD, awesome wall decals, a lantern (!), t-shirt, tote bag, buttons, stickers, download codes for extra goodies and some kind of polyvinyl compilation) but then the $30 postage fee struck me as a touch excessive. Damn this hemisphere and all its southerness!

Also, just in case you're yet to have munched on this delicious delight:

of Montreal - Jimmy (M.I.A Cover)

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Jaimie said...

Oh man! Way to steal my next post idea!

I am especially fond of the wall deco bits.