Sunday, October 26, 2008

All my friends.

Oh gosh... It's been over a week since i last posted?! Edit: It's been two whole weeks!!! I've been trying to write this post for a week now. Yes, i suck.

I have some crazy talented friends, and kings and queens of blogspot, my gorgeous groupies have done it again. Boy do i have some treats for you today!

I have had the pleasure of recently befriending a beautiful young lady by the name of Georgina Edwards. She undertook the incredible feat of animating a 37 second stop motion animation on the wall adjoining 'I Trip I Skip', and 'Unit Concepts' in Canberra. It's mind blowing. I also think quite highly of the music scored to compliment the piece.

My lovely sister Kiri recently put a little flip book illustration on youtube too. It's very cute and equally 'Kiri'.

My friends who are in the band Hancock Basement won one of Triple J's Unearthed competitions! They're pretty clever and you can check them out here.

And of course, how could i have forgotten competition Sunday (wooooo!). I still haven't won anything (boooooo), but hopefully we will win something with this competition page here.

Love you all, promise not to wait a fortnight before my next post.

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Julia said...

happy 100th post!