Monday, October 6, 2008

Mount Eerie, glowing in Paddington.

Image of Phil Elverum taken from John Vandersclice

On Thursday night i had the pleasure of seeing Phil Elverum of The Microphones/ Mount Eerie and the Lucky Dragons play an intimate gig at the Paddington United Church in Sydney.

Having forced myself out of bed at 6am that morning, spending half the day drowning in paper work and then hungrily finding my way to Sydney, I arrived at the gig in a dream like state, where objects didn't quite appear solid and people gave off a warm glow which somehow gave the perfect set up for a truly unforgettable night.

Much to my dismay, i arrived at the venue late thus missing Pikelet, who i've heard was enthralling. As we walked in to the church Lucky Dragons had already started. People were seated in a circle on the floor around a guy, a girl and a myriad of different crazy instruments. From the center of their circle they projected moving images that complimented the music onto the roof of the church. Hands were held, dancing created, magnetic rocks vibrated and we experienced a unique, perhaps futuristic, method of musical expression. It was spellbinding.

And then Phil played. Unashamedly awkward, humble and lovely, Phil performed for the audience, not like so many other bands who play for self gratification. He sat at the front of the church naked from effect lighting, on a stool with his acoustic guitar and a microphone. As we held our breaths, our hearts beating in our ears, he played new, old and everything in between. Throughout the performance he invited us to ask questions, took requests and involved us in his creation. His voice was crystal clear and people sat in silence as what he sang resonated with each of us uniquely.

Photo of Phil captured on the night was taken from Oceans Never Listen who have the set list and a gorgeous review of the night, which i highly recommend you check out if interested.

I Want Wind to Blow- The Microphones
The Glow, pt 2- The Microphones

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Anonymous said...

It was pretty much love. I felt like I was back in primary school sitting on the floor, except instead of learning my times tables I was listening to I Hold Nothing and tearing up a bit. Way better. Nice blog! <3 Tara