Thursday, February 12, 2009

To knit away the afternoon

I've been trying my dang hardest to take advantage of this sharp and beautiful temperature drop and my current (and hopefully short lived) state of unemployment. After weeks of temperatures in the highest of thirties (or forties for our poor unfortunate friends in Victoria*), it is such a relief to be able to sleep, cook and think again. For the past four days I've been practically permanently latched onto the boy like some kind of cuddle-addicted limpet (much to his frustration and slight alarm - some people simply do not appreciate the romantic value of cold weather), and am unlikely to emerge from beneath my beloved doona until at least11am unless forcibly wrenched.

Cold weather is also perfect for my second favorite leisure activity: eating. Right now I've got two half eaten roasted chicken carcasses defrosting in the sink (what a beautiful image, no?) in preparation for what should be a glorious chicken, leek and noodle soup, and the ingredients for a moorish chocolate gingerbread in the cupboard. If I could, I'd bring quaint little lunch packs wrapped in brown paper and twine round to each and every one of you, but instead I think I'll just post recipes. It's the least I can do.

I've also been craving snugly woolen jumpers, so you can imagine my joy and delight when I stumbled upon this, the best knitting pattern (hah, I almost wrote recipe) I think I've ever seen. It's lucky my mum is pretty much a knitting professional, because I think I'm going to be asking for this for my birthday.

It's called Owls, and you can find it on a stunning blog called needled.


* I'm sure everyone is still reeling from the shock of the devistating Victoria bush fires, but if you would like to donate a metaphorical knitted jumper to someone who has none, please click here.

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