Sunday, February 8, 2009

Laneways and Hellish-Days

I thought I would share my similar, yet vastly different experience of St Jerome's Laneway Festival. Or the festival where I could have gone for free and not spent half my time in a line NOT seeing any of the bands I went specifically to see, just because I needed to pee. Bladder control is a skill not appreciated nearly enough. If I hadn't needed to to pee I also would have been able to see the Drones and Architecture and most importantly, Girltalk - just like the sexually deviant Julia. The only bands I got to see that where actually included in my ticket price were Augie March (who I have seen several times and whom I am often disappointed by) and the Hold Steady (who don't play particularly earth shattering music, but do have an amazing live show. Their energy was completely infectious and as my friend Will commented, the lead singer was like a rock star trapped in a fat man's body). Oh yes, and I also almost got crushed. Overall I found the festival disappointing, even more so because I had been two years ago when the festival was much, much smaller and had a really laid-back and relaxed atmosphere which wasn't completing missing this year, but was definitely scattered.

I did many, many other fun things on my week long trip to Melbourne, which I'm dying to share with you all (to make you ooze jealousy, of course!), but I think I shall stagger them over a few posts to keep you kids interested.

Lastly, to jump on the bandwagon a bit, I also encourage everyone to make a donation of some kind to the Victorian Bushfire Appeal, because as they say, every little bit helps.

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