Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Nice Day for a Sulk

When i first started having boy trouble (way back when i was 16), i listened to Belle and Sebastian pretty much on repeat. I expressed my anguish towards said boy through song lyrics and took comfort in their twee-melancholy. I guess my turbulent, self deprecating teens, set the scene for how i was to deal with boys later in life, because every time i ever encounter boy troubles, all i seem to want to do is listen to Belle and Sebastian. This round of current masculine drama is proving to be no different, and i'm glad. I've rediscovered one of my favourite bands, reclaimed a piece of my old self, and am feeling more 'normal' than i have for quite a while.

MP3: Century of Fakers

MP3: If You're feeling Sinister

MP3: Lazy Line Painter Jane

Belle and Sebastian have a question and answers section on their website. A few years ago i found this question and this very useful reply from Stevie. Being the nerd that i am, i saved it to my computer for a rainy day. There have been many rainy days since, and each time this advice still, somehow, can be applied...

From: G.N.
Q.Hi Stevie! As you are always giving great love advice, I have a few questions to ask you. Why is it so hard to find the right boy? I mean where are great guys hidden (not in France, that's for sure). Are they endangered species? When people ask you some advice, you often answer things like 'I bet you it's just around the corner' or 'there'll be something better'. I looked around ALL the corners and there were no sweet boys waiting for me!!! When will this end? Sorry I'm a bit depressed today and you must be tired of playing the shrink... Well thank you for reading this.

I'm no shrink, I only answer these questions because I'm the one who needs the shrink, I always feel like I'm talking to myself when I say these things, life isn't always easy and God forbid if anyone thinks I have any answers, I don't. I do however feel real empathy at times with what people write and I think it's important to have faith and hope. Life is up and down anyway, to a degree, yang and yin and all that, without pain who do you judge pleasure? Still, I think it's a good thing to have at least an eye on the opening door, to remain curious and pure of heart, I mean I've got a long way to go, I'm not a kid, I'm a man and I feel deep down inside that I've taken a few false turns along the way, I always feel that if I can just get back everything will fall into place. Have you ever heard "Last thoughts on Woody Guthrie" by Bob Dylan? It's a poem which says it all. As for looking around corners, maybe the reason there are no sweet boys waiting for you is because they're off looking for you down another street, avenue, boulevard, whatever, it's all in the timing. I know it's easy for me to say but if I had any advice it would be simply remain pure of heart and do what you do and do it well, times do change, have faith and try not to worry.

Stevie - 11/07/06

Although, for the time being at least, i have found my sweet boy (who was waiting around the corner all along), I guess i have to follow Stevie's lead and remember to remain pure of heart and know what ever is meant to be, will. Though, it doesn't really stop me feeling (just the tiniest bit), like confused sweet-16 Jaimie.

Good night my loves, i'm glad to be back with you all again.

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