Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Laneways and Holy Days

Architecture in Helsinki play Laneway.

Another year, another festival, another reminder that sometimes you share the music you love with complete dickwads.

But fun times were to be had at St Jerome's Laneway Festival in Melbourne town, at least by those of us who avoided spending the whole day in lines with our very clever, very cunning, faintly sexual ways*.

Highlights included The (magnificent) Drones, whose set was simply captivating.

In some of my more pretentious moment I've claimed not to like "guitar music". I'm sorry, I take it back (I truly am a twat). Listen to this song (incidentally one of my favorites of last year) and I think you'll understand why.

The Drones - The Minotaur

I'm gonna go out on a limb here and presume most of you think this blog is a shrine to all things pretty. Which I guess it is, a lot of the time. But just so you know, we like dirty shit too (or I do, anyway. I have no intentions of implicating my perfectly sophisticated blog sisters here). The Drones are the antithesis of pretty. They're all raw and grimy and somehow quintessentially Australian. I pretty much love them.

Architecture in Helsinki (back to the pretty), were a grand lot of fun. Which sometimes is all I ask from these people. Bouncin' beats, party moves, a slow, sexy jam and a cover of Break My Stride and I'm easy pleased. Their new song is pretty sweet, too:

Architecture in Helsinki - That Beep

Whilst resident in Melbourne town, I also got my arty on with a couple of great exhibitions.

Jaimie, Vanessa and I ventured to
the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art to check out Gerda Steiner and Jorg Lenzlinger's installation exhibition, The Water Hole:

And the boy and I checked out Andreas Gurksy's photography at the NGV:

Pyongyang I, 2007

I shall not dazzle you with my admittedly rusty art analysis skills now, but instead will simply recommend both of these exhibitions to any one who finds themselves looking for something fun (and cool) to do in Melbourne. They're both brilliant (and cool).

* I deliberately made that sound more debaucherous than it actually was. In reality I just stayed at the one stage all day and did not pee.

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